How Can Romantic Love Transform Into Long-Term Intimacy?

In my forty long stretches of guiding couples, I have confronted numerous private accomplices as they were endeavoring to clutch adoring emotions that appeared to disappear.

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They had once totally venerated each other in a sentimental association they felt could never end, and couldn’t see how a security so extraordinary, so enthusiastic, thus genuine, could have lessened. For what reason was definitely not a more profound love rising to supplant it?

The awfulness of decreasing affection is worked in to the idea of sentimental connections. Each sentimental ballad, tune, welcoming card, and motion picture guarantees that it will keep going forever precisely how it is. New sweethearts are guaranteed that their ecstatic association with each other will never blur and that no other love will ever supplant it.

History is loaded with delightful love tunes that delineate those precepts. Numerous never lose their sentimental message after some time. Jo Stafford’s “No other Love ” is one of the wonderful melodies committed to that guarantee. The verses are composed to a Chopin’s Etude and are as delightful today as they were when Paul Weston and Bob Russel kept in touch with them more than sixty years prior: