How to Find the Motivation to Change Your Life

Following a path of personal development isn’t easy. Oh, it’s rewarding and can be life changing but it can also be confusing, challenging, and scary.

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What if you take the wrong path? How do you know which piece of advice is right? Can you still get the results you desperately want, even if you go against some of the assumed wisdom?One such piece of wisdom is that people should make changes in their lives and their behavior for themselves, not for others. That’s always been the standard advice from friends, magazines, and TV “experts.”

But what if you don’t feel ready, worthy, or capable of making the change for yourself? What if you feel so confused and scared that you don’t know where to start?I struggled with loving myself enough to take those initial steps toward finding a way out of my own depression and anxiety.

I’ve realized that sometimes the love we have for other people, particularly for our children, can give us the motivation to start on the journey—even when we are lacking the love to do it for ourselves.Like many people I struggled with feeling like I was wrong, deficient, and “not good enough” for a long time.