How To Use an Old Router to Expand Your Wi-Fi Network?

Along these lines, you just redesigned your old Wi-Fi switch to a gleaming new model and you’re delighting in speedier remote exchanges. Be that as it may, what would it be a good idea for you to do with the old switch? While you could introduce an outsider firmware on it, at that point update it for use as an extension, that is a major genuine annoyance and the execution might be on a par with your old switch is able to do. In case you’re redesigning your switch from 802.11g to 802.11n, the extension will be restricted to 802.11g velocities.

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Anyway, what to do with the old switch? I’ve changed over it to a passageway, and am utilizing it to fill a dead spot, in the farthest corner of my home. By flipping a couple of settings, you can transform basically any switch into an AP, you don’t have to introduce any extravagant outsider firmware. All you have to begin is an old switch and an association with your new switch – it can be old fashioned wired Ethernet or you can utilize powerline systems to connect the remote separation. (We’ll have more on powerline organizes in the not so distant future.)

The primary activity is associate a PC to your old switch. You will need to complete a couple of things to change from switch to AP, yet in the event that you do it in the wrong request, you could wind up with the switch in an express that makes it hard to associate with. Try not to stress however, regardless of whether you commit an error, the most exceedingly awful thing you’ll have to do is play out a hard reset on the switch and begin once again – you can’t do lasting harm to the switch by changing settings.

The simplest method to ensure you’re chipping away at the correct switch is to separate your workstation from Wi-Fi and connect it straightforwardly to the switch’s LAN ports. At that point go to your switch’s IP address and sign into it- – normally the switch’s default IP address is imprinted on the base mark of the switch, yet you can discover it by setting off to your system control board and perusing to the address recorded as the default door – generally it’s or

Once you’re signed into the switch’s organization settings, the main thing you’ll need to do is modify the SSID, WPA settings, encryption compose, and passphrase with the goal that they coordinate on both your new switch and the old switch that you’re changing over into an AP (see beneath for an illustration). On the off chance that the security settings don’t coordinate, you’ll experience difficulty moving between the two distinctive remote systems. The channel can be the same, or diverse – utilize a device like InSSIDer on a workstation to discover a softly populated channel for each room.