Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse for Esport Pros

The contrast amongst winning and losing in the present diversions isn’t estimated in meters or seconds, however micrometers and milliseconds. At the point when the stakes are at their most astounding, a solitary snap can be the contrast between running home with $5k or with $500k. That is the reason Logitech G made the Pro Gaming Mouse. Its lightweight body and optical gaming sensor are designed for the remarkable speed and exactness pointing required at the most abnormal amount of esport rivalry.

How to use Gaming Mouse?

Predictable, pixel-exact exactness has a basic effect in high-stakes aggressive gameplay. The PMW3366 conveys a level of accuracy generally thought to be the best by aficionados and experts alike. With zero smoothing, sifting or increasing speed over the whole DPI run (200-12,000DPI), it gives uncommon following precision and predictable responsiveness at any speed.

Adjustable with around 16.8 million hues. Ideal for wearing your group or your most loved group’s shading, customizing your setup, or synchronizing with other G items. In rivalry, this lighting additionally goes about as a power pointer so you know your gear is connected to.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse can be utilized out-of-the-container with preset programming or completely arranged to coordinate precisely to your preferences.* Six programmable catches are accessible on the off chance that you want to tie custom orders to the mouse itself.

With a locally available memory, you can spare your inclinations straightforwardly to the mouse for rivalry frameworks without the need to introduce custom programming or reconfigure your settings.

Propelled catch tensioning in Logitech G Pro gaming mouse improves the consistency of the left/right mouse catches and lessens the power required to click. This outcomes in fresh, solid snap execution you can rely upon at the most abnormal amount of rivalry.

Based on more than 30 long stretches of Logitech ability in designing, building, testing mice, Pro is intended for solace and toughness. The Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse was upgraded to diminish weight, enhancing solace, steadiness, and responsiveness. Logitech G likewise brings their mark hard-wearing toughness and unwavering quality to the Pro Gaming Mouse.

Each part of the building was thoroughly tried to ensure it can confront even the most extraordinary gaming. The surface of the Pro Gaming Mouse is treated with an exceptional covering to enhance strength and grasp, mouse feet are tried to more than 250km of utilization, and left and right catches are tried to surpass 20 million ticks – the likeness some star gamers preparing 10 hours consistently for a long time.