Who is really cool?

Who is really cool? If a person feels cool only if the world thinks of him as cool, or if he lives his life as per his own compass is cool, comfortable in pjs as much as in Armani’s? or if he sports the latest brands that prop up his sorry ass as cool?

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Do you really need external validation to feel cool? Won’t it be REALLY cool not to give about who thinks you are cool or not! Look closely it is just a mask or a way of life? Do you have it in you to make the uncool look cool?

According to me, A person is cool when he/she does what they like without succumbing to the talks of the society. They don’t feel the need to follow the ‘so called’ trend celebrities set. They have their own style. They don’t do things merely to attract followers.

They do what they feel is right. Having said this, I don’t mean to say ‘not following the rules’ makes one look cool. No! Cool people adhere to what is legally and morally correct and still be able to make an impact on their fellow companions in a nice way.